About Us


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AEON NETWORKS is dedicated to finding the best solution for your company using the most advanced technology available. We are a group of domain experts, advanced architects, designers, developers and consultants who strive to enhance your company’s efficiency and help you make a bigger mark in the world.

Our proven agile project development methodology saves time and costs whilst ensuring better transparency, quality control and lower risk.

[one_half]The Process

Our team of developers will work closely with you from the start of your project to determine your business needs. We gather your requirements, technology preferences, budget, and business objectives and use these factors to develop a detailed roadmap for the project. Following a standard SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) we work with you to linking it across the organization in a manner to get maximum impact and achieve competitive advantage. Our development processes are tried and tested, and based on our significant industry experience.


[one_half_last]Our Project Team

Our no compromise TEAM QUALITY policy guarantees we bring the very best to every project.

Aeon Networks hand picks a project team for each individual project based on domain expertise and experience. The team becomes the dedicated resource for the project until completion. Each member of the team is a leader in their own area of expertise but work together as a single, efficient unit to complete your project exactly the way you envisioned it.


Our Value Proposition
Cost Savings Save on development and maintenance costs by allowing Aeon Networks to handle your development, testing, designing and support needs.
Reliability Aeon Networks brings well trained professional developers, designers, and technology experts with proven industry experience who employ best practices to maximize on your investments.
Reduced Development Cycle Aeon Networks offers flexible development processes and delivery models which, when combined with our onsite and offshore resources solutions mean your project is delivered faster.
Complementary Services Whatever the position, be it permanent, contract based or project based. Aeon Networks can offer the best support for less without compromise for quality.